Advanced Car Aircon Cleaning Services in Metro Manila

 (No Dashboard Disassembly and No Drilling)

We specialize in cleaning your car’s air conditioning system using the latest technology and modern equipment without tearing down your dashboard – no evaporator pull down and no Freon discharge needed. We provide a very efficient, quick, proven, safe, worry-free, and eco-friendly method of cleaning modern cars’ air conditioning system. 

The difference is night and day over the conventional“baklas dashboard- tagas Freon – baba evaporator coil” local aircon shop method.

Unlike the Casa method, wherein they just inject foaming agents to your aircon ducts which cleans only light dirt and cannot work with heavily soiled evaporator coils, ours is way better as our state of the art equipment can penetrate and work its way using the latest technology. Even the toughest dirt from many years of neglected use is no match to our advanced cleaning system.


Actual Evaporator Coil Screenshots taken by our Machine:

Ford Expedition 2001

Before Cleaning

During Cleaning

After Cleaning


We all know the hassle of getting our car aircon cleaned in Casas or local aircon shops wherein we have to leave the car for a day or two for them to disassemble the whole dashboard, discharge the Freon, and pulldown the evaporator coil just to have it cleaned.  Other than being an unpleasant sight, it is also expensive, inconvenient, time-consuming, and worryful to us car owners.

Unbeknownst to many, there exists a technology where our car air conditioning system can be cleaned more efficiently, cheaper, environment friendly and faster with no downtime at all or just over 2 to 4 hours. Now we are happy to announce that this breakthrough in car aircon cleaning technology has arrived in the Philippines.

Our Service

No Evaporator Coil Pulldown

No need to remove your coil, our specialized cleaning equipment and skills will take care of it.

No Dashboard Disassembly

No “kalas dashboard” saves a huge amount of time. No more missing screws and bolts to worry about.


Quick 2-4 Hours

Leaving your car for several days just to have them cleaned and serviced is no longer necessary. We do it by appointment only, no walk-ins.

Safe and Effective

We use only alkaline-based cleaning agents to clean your system, very effective yet safe in doing its job.


We can offer our services at an affordable price due to our more efficient methods.


Modern Equipment

We use only modern equipment in car air conditioning cleaning using the latest technology.

Qualified Technicians

We bring peace of mind to our clients as our qualified technicians are properly trained.

Before and After Snapshots

Before and After snapshots are provided to show that our cleaning service has done a thorough job on your car.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our service to be very efficient, time-saving, cleaner, safer and cheaper over traditional cleaning methods.

Our Pricing

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Note: We are Strictly Appointment Basis, no walk-ins.

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