Mahina na ba lamig

ng Car Aircon mo?

No Baklas Dashboard Car Aircon Cleaning
in Metro Manila

Our No Baklas Dashboard Method saves car owners their important time and money, giving a hassle-free experience getting their car aircon serviced. No need to leave or watch over your car the entire day just to have it cleaned. Done by our expert technicians that will guide and recommend you on what your aircon system needs.

Limited slots only. Booking required, no walk-ins.

No Baklas Dashboard
is Better.

We all know the hassle of getting our car aircon cleaned in Casas or local aircon shops wherein we have to leave the car for a day or two for them to disassemble the whole dashboard, discharge the Freon, and pulldown the evaporator coil just to have it cleaned.

Other than being an unpleasant sight, it’s also expensive, inconvenient, time-consuming, and worryful to us car owners.

Baklas Dashboard

The “Baklas Dashboard” Method 


A Revolutionary method of cleaning our car’s Aircon system without Dashboard Disassembly

Our No Baklas Dashboard Car Aircon Cleaning Service is the 1st in the Philippines


? No Baklas Dashoard Needed!

?Takes 2 to 3 Hours only, minimal downtime!

? Removes Foul Odors from your car's aircon

? Before and After Live Video Screenshots

? 100% Coldness Guarantee

Our Branches

We have 3 Branches located in Quezon City, Marikina, and Taguig City

Quezon City Branch

Marikina Branch

Taguig Branch

Why you should have your car aircon cleaned by

Getting your car aircon cleaned regularly gives you several advantages:

Improved Gas Mileage and Faster Acceleration
Dirty car aircon systems take more power from the engine, increasing fuel consumption and affecting acceleration response times

Avoid Car Aircon Damage and Costly Repairs
 They say that prevention is better than cure. Save more than money, time, and sweat when you have your car aircon regularly cleaned and maintained as part of your car’s Preventive Maintenance Routine.

Stronger Cooling Performance
– Beat the heat wherever you go, whether you’re stuck in traffic or na sa sikat ng araw. A clean aircon system will have you cooled and sweat-free

Before and After Live Video Screenshots

Over 1200+ Cars Done.

Sub-Zero PH is the
#1 Service in the Philippines
No Baklas Dashboard Car Aircon Cleaning.

See what our clients have to say:


Effective & Hassle-free
Car Aircon Cleaning
now in the Philippines.

Our service aims to provide car owners a modern, worry-free experience when they have their car’s Aircon System cleaned.

Taking only 2-3 Hours, we ensure that there is minimal downtime for your vehicle during cleaning.

Proven and effective, we have restored hundreds of cars Aircon systems back to factory-coldness

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Booking required, no walk-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have my car aircon cleaned?

Your car’s aircon system should be cleaned yearly or every 20,000 kilometers.

Pwede ba ako magpa-linis ng Aircon kahit malamig pa siya?

Yes po, we also do car aircon cleaning as part of Preventive Maintenance. Better po yun kesa maunahan pa kayo masiraan ng parts ng aircon system.

Gumagawa ba kayo ng repairs?

No, cleaning lang po kami and we don’t do repairs.

May mabahong amoy galing sa aircon ng car, matatanggal niyo ba yun?

Yes, kung yung foul odor nanggagaling sa A/C system, matatanggal at maayos namin yung odor problem. 

Nawawala yung lamig sa hapon pero meron sa gabi, maaayos ba?

Sobrang dumi na po ng Evaporator Coil niyo. Due for cleaning na po yung A/C ng car.

Meron lamig sa umpisa tapos mawawala, pero babalik siya after i-off yung aircon ng matagal

Nag-yeyelo po yung Evaporator Coil niyo, and due for cleaning na rin siya.

Saan location ng Branches niyo?

We have a branch in Quezon City, Marikina, and Taguig City