The public is hereby notified that the car aircon cleaning process commercially known as “No Baklas Dashboard Car Aircon Cleaning” is a duly registered and protected utility model under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (R.A 8293). The said technology is registered as UM No. 2/2020/050422 entitled “Method of Removing Dust, Dirt, Grime, Oil, Sludge, and Debris from a Vehicle’s Evaporator Coil.”

The public is informed that individuals and entities who represent to offer a similar service other than its owner, Sub-Zero PH Advanced Car Aircon Cleaning Services (Sub-Zero PH), are neither licensed to use or exploit the said utility model nor permitted by Sub-Zero PH. As such, the public is warned that Sub-Zero PH cannot guarantee the quality and safety of such services trying to copy its technology.

Sub-Zero PH has taken pride in the considerable amount of research, study, and development it has invested in ensuring the quality and safety of its “No Baklas Dashboard Car Aircon Cleaning” service it offers. Please be advised that Sub-Zero PH will not be responsible for any damages that may occur because of the patronage of counterfeit services availed outside of our authorized sales and service channels. We take this opportunity to remind our customers and the public to avail of the “No Baklas Dashboard Car Aircon Cleaning” service from the list of our branches below.

This notice also serves as a fair warning to individuals and entities representing to offer similar services which infringe Sub-Zero PH’s utility model to refrain from doing so lest they risk being subjected to legal actions which we will institute as a result of their infringing actions.

We thank you for your continued patronage and cooperation in this matter.