Car Aircon Repair Services
in Metro Manila and Pampanga

(With Professional Diagnosis)

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Professional Diagnosis and repair with the best value for money

With our patented step-by-step diagnostics procedure and a proven modular repair process with International Standards. We identify the exact parts of your car aircon system that are failing and in need of repair/replacement so you avoid the hassle of replacing unnecessary parts and spending more.

Team Sub-Zero is dedicated to giving you a reliable and professional car aircon repair service that won’t break the bank.

Our Commitment to Professional Quality, not Quantity

In order to deliver the best repairs, we believe several things are needed. A professionally-trained technician, the right tools, and an ample amount of time for the job. Amateur technicians, wrong tools, and rush jobs only leave room for mistakes and low quality results.

We make sure that our client’s vehicle is properly and completely serviced.

High Quality Parts, No Cheap Replacements

We only use high quality parts sourced and immediately in stock from our 40-plus part suppliers within Metro Manila. Backed by a 6-month warranty on every repair job we do, our clients are assured of a professional car aircon repair service done to their vehicle.

Worry-Free Baklas Dashboard Car Aircon Repair Services

Our Service technicians are professionally trained and required to completely reassemble our client’s vehicle dashboard to guarantee a rattle-free service. If we hear any rattle we will do it again for free until the rattle is gone and the client is completely satisfied.

Quality over Quantity is what Team Sub-Zero is all about when it comes to your valued vehicle.

Our Proven Experience and Track Record

With more than 3000 car aircon systems maintained and repaired, our car aircon repair service is more than ready for your vehicle’s needs.

Free Diagnosis & Price Quotation, No Hidden Costs

We offer free diagnosis and repair quotations for our repair services. You can either place a booking to secure your slot or go to our shop for a walk-in diagnosis during weekdays ONLY (and by chance).

Our Services include Repair/Replacement of the following:

  1. Professional Full System Diagnosis
  2. Clutch Fan Repair
  3. Magnetic Clutch and Pulley 
  4. Compressor 
  5. Suction Hose High Quality Repair
  6. Discharge Hose High Quality Repair
  7. Expansion Valve (Front) 
  8. Expansion Valve (Rear) 
  9. Front Evaporator  (Baklas Dashboard)
  10. Rear Evaporator  (Baklas Ceiling and Rear Panels)
  11. Condenser Coil 
  12. Filter Drier 
  13. Nitrogen Leak Test (Whole System)
  14. Freon Vacuum and Full Charge
  15. Aux Fan Motor 
  16. Condenser Fan Motor 
  17. Condenser Fan Resistor 
  18. Radiator Fan Motor 
  19. Blower Motor 
  20. Blower Resistor 
  21. Schrader Valve 
  22. Declogging
  23. AC System Flushing
    1. Condenser Flushing
    2. Evaporator Flushing
    3. Rear Evaporator


All repairs are done by our professionally trained car aircon technician team and comes with a 6-Month Warranty.

Our Branches

We have 3 Branches located in Quezon City, Novaliches, Taguig City, and San Fernando, Pampanga

Quezon City Branch

Novaliches Branch

Taguig Branch

San Fernando, Pampanga Branch

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long will it take to finish the repair?

This will depend on the repair intensity, usually for major repairs, it would take 2-3 working days, including a 1 day testing/observation period for us to deliver the best quality.

How much will the repair cost?

For an accurate estimate, our repair technicians need to fully diagnose and check your car aircon first in order to give you the best quality for the best price.

How to Book for car aircon repair service?

You can place a booking for repair diagnosis at the end of the page or you can send a text to 09761173089 (Office Hours only), this is the official number for repair.

Are your parts readily available in your shop?

Our parts are not in-store but are immediately in stock from our 40+ suppliers within Metro Manila, which can be picked-up immediately once the procedure has started.

Do you accept walk-ins for your car aircon repair services?

Yes we do, but it will depend on the number of repair jobs for that day. For light or moderate days, walk-ins can be queued and accommodated.

Which of your shops accept car aircon repair services?

All of our branches accept car aircon repair services. (Quezon City, Novaliches, Taguig-Pateros, and San Fernando)

Do you give any warranty for any repairs done?

Yes, we have a 6-month warranty for the parts and repair service done. 

Do you require any deposit?

Yes, but only for repairs like compressor replacement packages, baklas dashboard packages, and other major repairs.

Do you repair converted/surplus cars?


Do you repair imported/non-local sports cars?

Yes we do, but a visual inspection is needed first.

How Qualified are your technicians doing the repair?

All of our repair technicians undergo an international certification test before being deployed on the field. They are all required to pass the accredited tests in order for them to be allowed to do and deliver quality repairs.

Do you use high quality OEM parts?

Yes we use high quality parts sourced from our 40+ suppliers all over Metro Manila.

What makes you different from other car aircon repair services?

By using our proprietary troubleshooting method, we’re able to identify the exact parts of your car aircon that are failing and in need of repair/replacement so you can avoid the hassle of replacing unnecessary parts and spending more.

Our team of senior repair technicians have professionally passed International Standards for professional car aircon repair. Furthermore, our professional skills ensure that you get a high quality service with proven success rates of bringing your car aircon back to factory coldness.

Do you accept credit card?

Soon, credit card payments will also be accepted.

Available payment methods are cash, gcash, and bank transfer to gcash only. 

Payment Methods

We accept payment via:

  • Cash
  • Gcash

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Effective & Hassle-free
Car Aircon Repair Services
now in the Philippines.

Our service aims to provide car owners a modern, worry-free experience when they have their car’s Aircon System repaired.

We ensure that we only repair and replace the parts needed, saving you money from unnecessary repairs.

Proven and effective, we have repaired thousands of cars Aircon systems back to factory-coldness.

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